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Outdoors Woodland Camo Netting for Universal Use

Looking for a last minute woodland outdoor camo netting that is great for universal use? I found one on that was 4.9×23 ft, perfect for our last minute use to decorate for the local July 4th Parade.

patriotic july 4th parade with decorated vehicles

Every vehicle added their own decorations, the military veterans decked out the vehicles with American flags and camo netting. Obviously you won’t get the same quality camo netting that you purchase from, which by the way, you get two day free shipping on orders over $50.

toyota land cruiser with military camo netting shade

The netting was easy to cut to the size you desire and secure onto my Toyota Land Cruisers roll bar with zip ties. There are plenty of ways to make use of this camouflage net. It’s available in different colors and sizes that fit any budget. It has a cheap and thin plastic feel to it, you may notice that if you use it on a vehicle, as we did, it may tear off. As we expected, we did get a few minor tears but we weren’t planning to keep this section that we applied to the vehicle.

Outdoor Camo 

Use this as an affordable alternative for camouflage netting, something that you don’t mind setting up outdoors in the rugged environment.

Sun Shade

Your netting can help prevent too much sun exposure. We cut and secured this to the top of our vehicle as a temporary bikini top shade cover. It definitely helped for the sunny hot day we had during the local July 4th parade. This is an awesome camo sun shade if you’re camping outdoors, great for any outdoorsman.

camo netting on a toyota land cruiser for military decoration

Military Decoration

We used this netting as a military decoration, you can use this for paintball stations, military inspired room decor, and it’s perfect for any military event. If you really want to decorate your man cave with some cheap but decent quality netting, we like this enough to repurchase.


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